What Are the Top American Auto Makers?

As of 2015, the top American auto makers are Ford, Chrysler and General Motors, or GM, notes the Wall Street Journal. These three American automakers take the lead in the domestic automobile market, and they sell their cars both domestically and internationally. Like other car companies, these manufacturers offer a varied fleet of cars, ranging from sedans and pickups to station wagons and sports cars.

The top three American automakers, like international car companies, see fluctuating sales and revenue. However, these three automakers have enjoyed the top spots in the United States market since the Great Depression. The top three companies collectively accounted for a significant portion of lightweight cars to consumers in the United States in 2013, reports the Wall Street Journal. Collectively, they supplied 15.6 million cars to auto shoppers in the country. General Motors produced the most, selling just under three million cars to Americans. Ford, next on the list, supplied Americans with 2.5 million cars. Chrysler's car sales totaled approximately 1.8 million.

In addition to showing a strong presence on the American car market, the "Big Three" enjoy prominence internationally too. They produce high sales in Canada and often have spots on the top five list of international car companies too. Aside from these companies, the most popular cars in the United States come from the Japanese manufacturers Toyota, Honda and Nissan.