What Are Some of the Top 10 Worst-Rated Cars?


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Some of the worst cars rated by Consumer Reports include the Dodge Nitro, Nissan Murano and Smart Four Two. These automobiles were given the "Not Acceptable" rating, making them some of the worst cars on the road.

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What Are Some of the Top 10 Worst-Rated Cars?
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The 2007 to 2012 Dodge Nitro was reported by Consumer Reports as being sluggish and cheaply made. The Nitro was introduced in 2007 and thanks to the scathing review by Consumer Reports, it was one of Chrysler's worst-selling automobiles.

Introduced in 2003, the Nissan Murano was a customer favorite until Consumer Reports unleashed a bad review stating the steering often stiffened, making the vehicle hard to control on sharp turns. Nissan fixed the problem and Consumer Reports reviewed a later model, giving it high praise.

The Smart Four Two received a low rating from Consumer Reports because of its lackluster interior and poorly-made transmission. As newer models roll off the assembly line, Mercedes is working on solving these and other issues as of 2015.

The dishonor of the worst car goes to the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero, according to Consumer Reports. The magazine reported that the Montero had a high risk of rolling over during turns at speeds over 37 miles per hour. The automobile was eventually pulled from the market in 2006.

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