What Are the Top 10 Worst Cars?

What Are the Top 10 Worst Cars?

The 10 worst cars ever is debatable depending on the criteria used to judge the car. Some of the worst cars include the 1971 Ford Pinto, the Dodge La Femme, the PT Cruiser Convertible, the Edsel Ranger and the Reliant Robin, according to HowStuffWorks and TheStreet.

The Dodge La Femme was a car made in the 1950s designed specifically to appeal to women. It was actually a Dodge Royal Lancer outfitted with pink and white paint and a pink interior. The tapestry on the seats wore out quickly and the car itself only lasted in production for two years.

The Reliant Robin was an impractical three-wheeled car that resembled a small hatchback. Two wheels were in the back of the car and the third was in the front. The car was considered extremely unstable and rolled over easily while cornering.

The 1971 Ford Pinto had a history of bursting into flames as a result of low-impact, rear-end collisions. Infamously, the Ford company decided that paying victim settlements was easier than recalling the cars or the rear end parts.

Criteria for the worst car ever may include mechanical problems, unstylish or impractical design as well as specific safety issues as occurred with the Pinto.

Other cars considered in the running for the worst car ever include the Lincoln Continental Mark IV, the Cadillac Cimarron, the FSO Polonez, the Citroen Pluriel and the 1974 Ford Mustang II.