What Tools Are Used in Replacing a Windshield?


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Some of the tools used when manually replacing a windshield include screw drives or pliers to remove surrounding parts such as windshield wipers, a cold knife to clear out residual adhesive and a caulking gun to apply the urethane sealant. Safety equipment such as goggles and gloves are also necessary.

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What Tools Are Used in Replacing a Windshield?
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The first step in replacing a broken windshield is to purchase a proper replacement that is compatible with the make and model of the car. The person should begin by removing any auxiliary components surrounding the windshield, such as windshield wiper blades and the rear view mirror, to ensure that the parts are not damaged during the repair. The dashboard and internal exhaust vents should also be covered to prevent any debris from entering the car.

To remove the damaged windshield, a person should first remove the rubber gasket surrounding the edge of the window by making a small incision and using a screw driver to pry it away. Once the gasket is removed, the windshield can be pushed out from the interior of the car. The frame must be properly cleaned and have all adhesive removed before a new layer of urethane can be applied and the new windshield put in place.

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