What Tools Are Required for a Mikuni Carburetor Rebuild?

Tools required for a Mikuni carburetor rebuild include a 14-millimeter hex wrench, Phillips screwdrivers, large and small screwdrivers with flat heads, and needle-nose pliers. Other necessary tools include a drill, quarter-inch drive socket and calipers.

The drill is needed to make a hole in the cap of the pilot screw. This hole is required to insert a screw and pull out the cap with a pair of needle-nose pliers. The 14-millimeter wrench is needed to take out the choke plungers from the bodies of the carburetor.

The Phillips and flat-headed screwdrivers are required for removing and replacing the pilot screw and the screws of the top cover. They are also required for detaching the choke levers from the choke rod, for separating the bodies of the carburetor, for removing the main jet, and for loosening and tightening the adjust sync and lock nut.

The screwdrivers with flat heads are also needed for prying out the springs and slides of the carburetor. This tool's handle is required to push and remove the main jet from within the needle jet.

The quarter-inch drive socket is used to support the post of the float, which is present on its pin while disassembling the carburetor. The calipers are needed for adjusting the height of the float while reassembling the carburetor.