What Tools Does One Need to Be Able to Install a Windshield?

What Tools Does One Need to Be Able to Install a Windshield?

Tools required for installing a windshield include a caulking gun to apply the sealant on the glass channel, a windshield locking strip tool for easing rubber strip installation in the surround of the windshield, and a glass vacuum lifting tool to lift and position the windshield. A rubber hammer and a painter's knife are also needed.

A caulking gun is a sealing tool that contains a barrel in which the sealant canister is placed, a trigger that applies pressure on the canister, and a canister nozzle holder that dispenses the sealing material. A caulking gun should be able to dispense sealant smoothly and with even pressure.

The windshield locking strip tool has two holes for threading the trim. This tool helps to spread apart the rubber surround of the windshield. It is particularly useful for bedding-in at the corners.

The glass vacuum lifting tool is a heavy-duty tool with two suction cups. These cups attach themselves to either side of the windshield using suction force, thereby enabling the lifting of the glass in a safe and oil-free manner.

A painter's knife is required to take out the molding and to cut the sealant around the old windshield. A rubber hammer is used to tap the replacement windshield gently into position.