What Tools Are Needed to Reset the Oil Change Light on a Car?


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The tools needed to reset the oil change light on a car generally vary from vehicle to vehicle, although some automobiles only require the ignition key as the resetting device. However, other vehicles, such as the BMWs, require the use of specialized tools to reset these maintenance indicators.

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What Tools Are Needed to Reset the Oil Change Light on a Car?
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A car manufacturer usually pre-installs dashboard lights, which when lit up, serve as warning signals that something is amiss with the vehicle. In modern cars, the change oil light usually flashes on when the on-board computer detects that the engine oil has already expired and requires immediate replacement. Once service is completed, the oil change reminder is reset by fitting the ignition key into a reset slot.

Other reset methods entail the use of a reset dial and the ignition switch. For some BMW models, for example, a plug-in device or a scanner tool may be required to reset the change oil light indicator.

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