What Are the Tools Needed for a Headlight Alignment?


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The tools necessary to align headlights are a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a roll of masking tape and a rag to clean up. A flat surface, such as a wall, is also necessary to correctly perform the alignment.

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To perform a headlight alignment on a vehicle, the car should be parked within a few feet from a flat wall. The vehicle should be as close as possible to the wall so that there are two distinct beams visible, while still allowing room for the adjuster to move around in front of the vehicle. The masking tape should then be used to mark an "X" in the center of each beam, and another strip of tape should connect the two marks. The car should then be moved back from the wall by about 30 feet, and the lights should be adjusted so that the passenger light falls directly on the "X" and the drivers side falls a quarter of the distance between the two "X" marks on the drivers side.

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