What Tools Are Needed to Fix a Truck's Transmission?


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Common tools used to fix a truck's transmission include a socket set, output shaft seals, a transmission jack, wrenches, a flywheel wrench, a spine alignment tool and a computer diagnostics tool. Depending on the type of repair, there are a variety of tools that can help make the job easier.

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What Tools Are Needed to Fix a Truck's Transmission?
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A tall jack is often found in mechanic shops where there is adequate room to raise the vehicle overhead. The short jacks are commonly used in home garages and correctly position the transmission for repair without extra hands. Each type offers an easy way to lift the transmission or to secure it while working.

The output shaft seals help prevent stains on asphalt or concrete when removing the drives haft from the output shaft.

A socket set with extensions makes it easier to reach bolts located near or around the top bell housing.

Most newer vehicles have a computer-controlled transmission, making it necessary to have a computer diagnostic tool or scanner to retrieve a code to find out where the actual problem is within the transmission.

Wrenches are used to remove nuts, bolts and other pieces that hold the transmission parts together. A full set of wrenches is necessary to perform repairs on any type of transmission.

For manual transmissions that require a new clutch, a spine-alignment tool helps match up the pieces with the transmissions input shaft.

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