What Tools Do You Need to Repair Your AC Compressor Clutch?

Repairing an AC compressor clutch requires a clutch installer and clutch puller. These parts are available at auto part stores. This repair also requires common workshop tools, including an air impact wrench, a regular wrench, and a pair of snap ring pliers.

To repair AC compressor clutch, first open the hood and find the clutch; it should be about 3 inches from the top of the radiator. Take the front and rear bolts off of the compressor, and lift it above the radiator support. Do not remove hoses, and add support to the compressor by placing a piece of wood between it and the engine.

Take the 9/16-inch nut off of the compressor shaft using the air impact wrench. Using the clutch removal tool, take the clutch from the front shaft of the compressor to reveal a pulley. Remove the snap ring and secure it with the snap ring pliers, and then remove the pulley. Take the snap ring off the compressor's coil assembly, and then remove the coil. Clean the metal surface to remove any rust or debris.

Reinstall the pulley, coil assembly and the snap rings that correspond to each, cleaning each surface before installation. Line up the clutch's key slot with the shaft key on the compressor and press together. Use the clutch install tool to hold the bolt down while tightening it with a wrench until there is 0.10 to 0.015 millimeters of space between the clutch and the pulley. Reinstall the compressor and shut the hood.