What Tools Do You Need to Install a Remote Starter Yourself?


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The tools needed to install a remote starter include a light-emitting diode tester, razor knife and electrical tape. Other useful tools when conducting this installation include metric socket wrench sets, wire strippers, drill bits and a digital voltmeter.

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While a light-emitting diode tester and razor knife come with a remote starter system, the other tools must be purchased separately. The light-emitting diode tester helps in identifying a consistent 12-voltage reading on the ignition, starter, brake wire circuits and parking lights, among other parts. The razor knife is used to strip insulation from wires and wire ties before connecting them to the car. After connecting the wires, the electrical tape is necessary to re-insulate the stripped wires to prevent a possible electric shot.

To install the remote starter system, purchase a remote starter system that suits the model of the car, and carefully read the car manual and instructions that come with the system before attempting installation. Install the system in a safe, unexposed location away from excessive vibration and heat, and take your time when conducting the installation. The wires should only run through the hollows with rubber grommets and away from the moving parts and heat-emitting components of the car.

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