What Tools Do You Need to Change the Transmission Fluid in a Vehicle?


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To change the transmission fluid in a vehicle, a person needs several quarts of transmission fluid, a socket set, drain pan, filter and pan gasket. After draining the transmission the fluid will need to be safely recycled.

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What Tools Do You Need to Change the Transmission Fluid in a Vehicle?
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In order to keep the transmission gears functioning smoothly, the fluid will need to be periodically changed. Dirty fluid can cause the transmission to shift hard, miss-shift or stick gears. The following instructions explain how to properly change the transmission fluid on a vehicle.

  1. Check the fluid
  2. Pull the dipstick from the transmission and check the consistency of the fluid.

  3. Raise and secure the vehicle
  4. Use a jack to lift the vehicle onto jack-stands. 

  5. Loosen the drain pan bolts
  6. There are several drain pan bolts located all around the pan. Loosen them and slowly let the fluid pour into the catch pan.

  7. Clean the pan
  8. Clean out any debris found inside the transmission pan and scrape off any gasket material on the pan.

  9. Replace the transmission filter
  10. Remove and replace the transmission filter.

  11. Install the transmission pan
  12. Lay some gasket sealant onto the pan and install it onto the transmission. Torque the bolts down to the recommended specifications.

  13. Pour in new fluid
  14. The amount of fluid required depends on the type of vehicle. Pour the fluid into the transmission and give it 5 minutes to settle. Once settled, check the fill level with its dipstick.

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