Do Tire Sizes Affect the Driveability of 17-Inch Rims?

The size of the tire does affect the driveability of the car.. Tires with thinner sidewalls do not absorb the vibrations of the road well and instead transfer them directly to the cabin of the vehicle.

Tires that are sized too small for 17-inch wheels will decrease the overall ride quality of the vehicle. Tires with thicker side walls do offer a softer ride but offer less curb appeal.

  1. Low-profile tires
  2. The most common tires to be paired with 17-inch wheels are called low-profile tires. These tires have a slimmer side wall, the part of the tire that faces outward, which allows for larger wheels and brakes to be mounted to the car. Low-profile tires tend to perform better in acceleration and cornering, but have issues absorbing the vibrations of the environment.
  3. Standard-profile tires
  4. Standard-profile tires have thicker sidewalls. These are perfect for drivers looking for a smoother ride. The larger sidewalls absorb vibrations and offer better protection against potholes or other road hazards.
  5. Tire width
  6. Choosing the correct width for the tire is also important. Unlike the sidewalls, the width of the wheel only fits one size tire. If the tire is too slim it will need to be stretched to fit the rim, which causes a loss of traction. If the tire is too wide it will not fit the wheel.