What Are Some Tire Products That Can Handle Muddy Terrain?


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Tires designed for muddy terrain include the BF Goodrich Mud King XT Radial, the Nitto Mud Grappler and the Super Swamper TSL Bogger. These tires feature varied tread patterns designed for specific street and off-road applications.

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Most mud tires have large lugs for grasping terrain and deep voids which clear liquid and debris, enabling the tires' lugs can reach the firmer surface beneath the upper level of mud. Increased lug size and void depth improve performance in mud at the expense of street performance.

The BF Goodrich Mud King XT Radial offers a balance between street performance and off-road capability. The lug size and depth are smaller than other mud tires and the tires' compound is harder for longer tread life.

The Nitto Mud Grappler has a lateral tread with moderately deep lugs that extend halfway down the sidewall for better traction in deep mud. The reptilian-style tread design is noisy on the road.

The Super Swamper TSL Bogger is a series of heavy-duty mud tires featuring three-stage lateral lugs and deep voids. It offers aggressive tread design extend onto the sidewalls and a wide groove in the center of the tread enables the tire to expel liquid and mud.

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