What Are Some Tips for Wiring a Polaris ATV?

What Are Some Tips for Wiring a Polaris ATV?

Tips for wiring a Polaris ATV include routing the wires away from abrasive surfaces, choosing the correct wire size and checking the ATV's manual to make sure it supplies enough power for the accessory. Using the right tools and techniques when wiring leads to secure wires that are less likely to break or short out.

Abrasive surfaces, such as rusted metal, sharp edges and smooth metal with debris on it, wear down wire insulation over time. Once the insulation is worn off, the wire eventually shorts out. To protect wires and perform a clean insulation, tie them together with cable ties and cover them with wire loom.

Installation instructions for the accessory that's being installed should include the correct wire size. It's important to only use this wire size because using another size can drain extra power from the ATV's electrical system or melt other electronic components.

If an accessory or multiple accessories require more power than the ATV provides, it can fry either the accessory or the ATV's electrical system. Check the manuals for both products to see how much power the ATV supplies and how much the accessory drains.

Use a wire stripper tool for cutting and crimping wires. These tools work with wires of multiple gauges, so they make clean cuts and secure connections.