What Are Some Tips to Wire Winch Solenoids?

When mounting the solenoid, be sure to set it away from other metal parts, which may bounce around, grinding on the electrical contacts and causing long-term damage to the system. Also mount the solenoid as close to the battery and as close to a dry area as possible to prevent wear.

Take care when connecting the wires from the solenoid to the winch and the wires from the winch to the battery, as they are sensitive and may become damaged around sharp edges or rusted metal. Wire insulation may become worn down over time, even around smooth metal once grime and dirt elements are introduced. Avoid tightening the winch wiring against parts that may cut into the wire and disconnect the system.

Most winches come color-coded with lugs and connector points to reduce the possibility of errors; match the colors carefully to avoid problems. Most solenoids do not require extensive torque to keep them fastened. Avoid over-tightening the lugs, as this may break a circuit in the solenoid and render a winch useless. If desired, add some silicone to the lug after it is set on the wire, as this prevents the nut from backing off and preserves the system from friction and unnecessary wear.