What Are Some Tips for Wheel Bearing Torquing?


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Some tips for wheel bearing torquing include using a torque wrench instead of an impact wrench and checking for the recommended torque procedure before starting. Also, do not reuse the old nut and clean the axle shaft before installing.

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Many believe that it is easier to use an impact wrench when torquing, but manufacturers recommend a torque wrench during the installation. When removing the bearings, an impact wrench may damage the threads and joints, and it can also cause the individual to over or under torque due to a false sense of security.

People should also make sure to use the correct torque procedure. There is not a general specification for a locking nut, and there are differences depending on the bearing housing and type. Over tightening of the bearings may lead to failure, and most vehicles must have the wheels on the ground to get the correct torque.

The individual should also not use the old nut again, and only use a new nut during the installation. Using an old nut can cause the nut to loosen when the vehicle is in motion. It is also necessary to clean the axle shaft before installing the new hub assembly. It is best to use a wire brush, fine file, honing stone or emery cloth to remove nicks, debris and burrs.

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