What Are Some Tips for Using Back Window Car Stickers?


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Before applying the sticker, clean the back window with rubbing alcohol or soap. Avoid using window cleaner, as cleaning residue prevents strong adhesion. Rub a credit card across the clear transfer tape to remove air bubbles.

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Car decal stickers adhere better in milder climates; avoid applying decals in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Store the vehicle indoors whenever possible. When pressure washing the vehicle, do not hold the nozzle at an angle to the decal, as this increases the risk that the decal will peel. Use a razor blade or scraper to lift an edge of the decal if it is to be removed.

Wash decals regularly by hand using a sponge and mild detergent. Test new detergents being used for the first time by applying them to a small area to ensure the decal does not get bleached or smeared. Apply a silicone or Teflon-based polish for additional decal protection. Do not let sap, droppings, or other contaminants to sit on the decal for extended periods of time.

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