What Are Some Tips for Troubleshooting an Auto Cooling System?

Some tips for troubleshooting an auto cooling system include checking the car's temperature gauge on a regular basis and checking for leaks in the car's coolant system. Leaks often occur at hose connections but may also result from damage to the radiator, the water pump or the hoses themselves.

Tightening the hose clamps can fix a leak at any of the cooling system's hose connections. If the hose clamps do not move, replace them. Leaks can also occur from damage to the hoses themselves. If the hoses show any cracks or wear, replace the damaged hoses.

The car's radiator could be the source of the problem. If the radiator is cracked or leaking fluids, a trained mechanic should make the necessary repairs and safely dispose of the radiator fluid. The thermostat inside the radiator cap sometimes gets stuck in the closed position, which can interfere with the flow of engine coolant. If this is the case, replace the thermostat.

Another potential source of cooling problems is the water pump. If the water pump is leaking fluid or shows signs of dampness, it is failing. The pump may also have broken impellers. In either case, the owner must replace the pump.