What Are Some Tips for Toyota Rav4 Maintenance?


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Some helpful tips to maintain a Toyota Rav4 include checking tire pressure to improve fuel efficiency, and replacing the air filter to improve acceleration time. According to Toyota, basic car maintenance not only increases vehicle efficiency, but also retains the car's value.

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Other maintenance tips include scheduling a service visit every 30,000 miles to ensure the vehicle is running properly. During these visits, a technician checks parts such as spark plugs, wires and timing belts if necessary. Toyota recommends scheduling service through the dealer in effort to keep an accurate service history, which can be valuable when selling the car in the future.

Washing the vehicle regularly is not only ascetically appealing, but an effective way to maintain a new car finish. Dirt build-up, dead bugs and bird droppings have the potential to strip away both the vehicle's wax and paint. When washing the car, use products specially designed for cars, as household cleaning materials such as hand soap and dishwashing detergent can strip wax as well.

Getting regular oil changes keeps the vehicle in efficient running condition as failure to have them done may result in engine failure. Also, system flushes are recommended to ensure the cooling system is working properly.

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