What Are Some Tips for Selling Old Car Parts?

What Are Some Tips for Selling Old Car Parts?

Some tips for selling old car parts are to ensure the parts are as clean as possible and take good pictures of the parts. Assess the parts, and decide if it is better to sell locally or on an auction site. This may depend on the size of the part and how much it shipping costs. Also consider selling very old parts for scrap if the part is metal.

Ensure good lighting when taking pictures of parts being sold. Flash can create glare, so soft lighting is a better option. Outdoor lighting is a good idea, if possible. If the part has a sticker or part number on it, take a picture of that as well. Avoid stock pictures of the part because buyers want to see the part they actually buy, not an example of that part.

Consider selling larger, heavier parts locally, such as through an online classifieds page or in a local newspaper. Selling such parts on an auction site like eBay means more money for shipping and may make the price of the part too high for many buyers. Small or high-demand parts are better-suited for sale at online auction sites. When selling on online auction sites, check out other similar items for sale on the site to assess demand, availability of the specific part and pricing.

To describe the part for sale, give details about the car the part came from, like year, make and even the VIN. Be honest about the condition of the part.

Sometimes an old car part is in rough shape or hard to take off the car. Selling metal parts for scrap is always an option in such cases or when the part doesn't sell another way.