What Are Some Tips for Selling a Car That Doesn't Run?


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To sell a car that does not run, place an ad online or in a newspaper, or consider selling the car to a junk yard for parts. Other options include selling to auto dealers or repairing the car.

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When placing an ad in a newspaper or online, mention that the car is being sold for parts. Craigslist and eBay are websites used for posting ads, but sellers should also consider posting ads in local newspapers. There are individuals who look specifically for such ads in hopes of gaining profits from car parts.

Contact scrap yards about the vehicle. Some scrap yards may be interested in its parts to sell to auto repair shops or private parties. This solution does not generate the most profit, since salvage yards want to make the most profit from their purchases, but they sometimes offer to tow the vehicle for you, which is an advantage.

If possible, take the vehicle to a local auto dealer. If the car is fixable, the dealership may purchase the car to repair and sell for a profit. However, older vehicles are more difficult to sell in this type of scenario. If the car is repairable, gauge the car's worth if fixed, and calculate the cost of repairs and profits versus selling it without the repairs. If the profit from a running vehicle surpasses the profit from a non-running one after cost of repairs, it may be worth the extra effort.

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