What Are Some Tips for Scooter Maintenance?


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Some tips for scooter maintenance include checking the engine oil level, tire pressure, lights and horn, and battery level every 250 miles or at least once a month. Every 1,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first, perform an oil change, examine the tires and valve stems for damage and wear, tighten all of the scooter's nuts and bolts, and tighten any loose fasteners.

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Check the scooter's brakes before each and every ride to ensure that there are no problems with brake line tension or brake pad and drum wear. Avoid unnecessary engine wear by maintaining the proper engine idle speed designated in the owner's manual for the scooter by turning the idle adjustment screw located next to the choke on the carburetor. If the scooter is chain-driven, lubricate the chain every day before riding. The chain's tightness should not cause any noise or binding but it should also not be loose enough to cause popping or jerking or to jump off of the sprocket.

Examine the scooter's spark plug regularly as it indicates how well the scooter is running. When the spark plug's electrode is white, it means that the engine is running too hot or is lean on fuel. If the electrode is black, it is a sign that the engine is running too rich on fuel.

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