What Are Some Tips for Saving Money When Buying a Used Jeep Cherokee?


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Tips for saving money on a used Jeep Grand Cherokee include shopping around to find a seller or dealership that offers the lowest price and obtaining a vehicle history report to learn about any past accidents or repair work done on the vehicle. Arranging for a pre-purchase inspection and test driving the vehicle can also provide valuable insight that may aid in negotiating for a lower purchase price.

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Basic tips for negotiating on the price of a used Jeep Grand Cherokee include only dealing with private seller or salesperson that may be flexible on the purchase price, making a opening offer that is low but reasonably close to the true market value of the vehicle and deciding the maximum purchase price ahead of time. Being patient and prepared to walk away from a deal is often the strongest negotiating tool.

Negotiating with a dealership typically takes an hour or more although less time may be required when dealing with a private seller. Always check auto loan rates online or speak with a bank or credit union representative before applying for credit through a dealership when financing a used vehicle. Negotiating more favorable interest rates or structuring a loan to ensure faster payoff can result in considerable savings.

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