What are some tips for RV slide-out repair?


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When repairing an RV slide-out that won't open or close, begin by checking the battery, circuit breaker and fuse. Replace the fuse, or reset the breaker, and test the slide-out. Jerky or slow movements are often caused by foreign objects near the seals between the slide-out and interior wall. Examine the seals, and remove any items lodged between the slide-out and RV walls to remedy the issue. If no objects are found, consult a repair technician to realign the slide-out.

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Check the battery to ensure it is capable of moving the slide-out into position. Typically, slide-outs require 12 volts to operate properly. Check the battery connections and solenoids for signs of corrosion, and clean the battery terminals if corrosion is present.

To troubleshoot an electric slide-out, examine the shear pins, motor and gearbox, or check the pump and cylinders to ensure the parts are working properly. Leaks are often related to worn seals. Check the seals on a regular basis, and replace any that are cracked, worn or otherwise damaged.

Lubricate the seals regularly to promote proper operation. To move the slide-out into position manually, use the provided hand crank. If the problem isn't easily identified or is difficult to repair, take the RV to a dealer for repairs.

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