What Are Some Tips for Restoring Old Camaros?


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Some tips for restoring old Camaros include setting a budget, doing as much work as possible without professional help and having the right tools. Some of the tools a person may need for a Camaro restoration include auto body kits, an engine hoist, floor jack and code scanners.

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In general, there are three parts to a Camaro restoration, the engine, the paint and the interior. When restoring the engine, it is important to use original parts when available. Not only does this help the car's performance, it also adds more value to the car than using aftermarket parts.

When painting a Camaro during a restoration, make sure that the surface is free from dings, marks or scratches. Another tip is to paint the car with a black primer to see hard-to-find marks. Before painting, the restorer must sand away the primer, paint the vehicle and then apply several layers of clear-coat protection.

For the interior, a good tip is to keep things simple. Though many people like to add fancy improvements to a muscle car, it is best to restore the original interior if possible. For example, if the seats in the Camaro have a tear, the owner can contact an upholstery company for repairs. If the original parts of the vehicle are not available, she may try to find the closest look to the original.

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