What Are Some Tips for Restoring a 1964 Impala SS?


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Tips for installing a 1964 Impala SS include getting the car's specifications first, using the right parts and completely inspecting the car before restoring anything. The owner should determine his budget and the amount of restoration he wants before starting the restoration process.

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Specifications include the Impala's wheelbase length, air-conditioner cooling capacity and the location of the car's codes, such as transmission codes and paint color codes. The owner can use the codes to help determine what parts on the car are not original. Specifications are also necessary to purchase replacement parts compatible with that car.

Authentic parts are the most compatible choice. If authentic parts aren't an option, the owner should choose a part that fits the car's specifications. During the restoration process, he should keep all the car's parts in case he can't obtain a replacement part.

By inspecting the car, the owner can find out exactly what needs replacing. An automotive shop is helpful for inspections, as the technicians may see something the owner missed and the shop has lifts that make it easier to inspect underneath the car. After the inspection, the owner can check the cost of the necessary replacement parts to make a budget. He can also determine if the car has too much damage to restore, such as significant rust.

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