What Are Some Tips for Replacing a Water Pump on a Car Engine?


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Tips for replacing a water pump include using penetrating grease to loosen bolts and connecting hardware as well as cleaning out and built-up sediment within the impeller cavity of the engine block. Take care not to disturb engine timing settings for water pumps attached to a timing or serpentine belt as altering the timing can result in extensive damage to the engine's internal components.

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The process of changing a water pump involves removing the mounting bolts and hardware from the existing pump. Apply penetrating grease to stuck bolts allowing it time to work down to the bolt threads and repeating the process as often as needed. Use an anti-seize compound on thread bolts when reinstalling them to ensure easier removal. After removing the pump, clean the gasket mounting surface thoroughly to ensure a proper seal.

Apply a small amount of RTV to both sides of the gasket before fitting it to the water pump. Slide the mounting bolts through the water pump ensuring they line up properly with their mounting holes, and tighten the bolts in sequence driving each one to a depth of four or five threads to ensure a secure fit. Tighten each mounting bolt to the torque specifications provided by the vehicle's manufacturer.

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