What Are Some Tips for Replacing a Tractor Solenoid?


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Tips for replacing a tractor solenoid include disconnecting the battery first to prevent shock, drawing a diagram of wire connections before removing the solenoid, and noting the serial number, model number and brand of the tractor to help find the replacement solenoid. Assemble the necessary tools before starting the project.

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To replace a tractor solenoid, switch off the starting key, and remove the key from the tractor's ignition. Raise the front hood to gain access to the battery, and use a socket wrench to unplug the cables from the battery, making sure to remove the negative cable first.

Locate the solenoid on the tractor's engine or frame. The solenoid connects to the starter motor and ignition key via two large red cables and at least one small wire respectively. Use a pen and paper to draw a diagram of wire connections on the solenoid. Unfasten the large cables from both sides of the solenoid with a wrench, and disconnect the small wires. Use a knife to remove corrosion from the wire ends.

Unfasten the bolts securing the solenoid in place, remove the solenoid, and dispose of it. Write down the serial and model numbers of the tractor, and use the numbers to purchase a new solenoid from a lawn mower supply store or a yard equipment dealer. Secure the new solenoid in place, fix the small wires to the solenoid, and attach the large cables. Be sure to use the predrawn diagram. Plug in the battery. Shut the hood, and start the tractor to test the solenoid.

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