What Are Some Tips for Repairing the Front Axle on a Dodge 4x4?


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To repair the front axle of a Dodge 4x4 it is important to first identify which axle is on the vehicle, know the source of the problem requiring repair and source the necessary parts to complete the repair. Dodge vehicles use a variety of front axles, including independent front suspension axles such the Chrysler 8.25 inch and the Chrysler 9.25 inch. Dodge vehicles also use Dana Spicer axles such the Dana 44 and Dana 60 as front axles.

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To identify which front axle is beneath a given vehicle, a differential identification tool such as DiffWizard.com limits the options based on year, make, model and type of drive system. Each axle requires different steps to disassemble and repair, and each uses different components. Correct identification of the axle ensures that correct parts are used for repairs.

Typically, front axles include an outer stub shaft and inner shafts with different lengths on either side of the center differential. Common indications of failure include a whining noise on acceleration or deceleration, whirring or whining while driving at fixed speeds and grinding or crunching noises when taking corners. Common failure points include pinion and carrier bearings, axle shaft u-joints and clutches or spider gears inside the differential carrier.

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