What Are Some Tips for Repairing an Electric Seat?

What Are Some Tips for Repairing an Electric Seat?

Tips for repairing an electrical seat include re-connecting the power harness, testing the circuit breaker, inspecting the seat tracks and replacing the control switch. Most power seats use circuit breakers for protection instead of fuses.

A power seat wiring or harness that has become disconnected is a common problem with power seats. This causes the seat to stop working completely in any direction. To fix the problem, find the connector and check that the wiring and harness are connected.

Another common problem with a power seat that does not work is a faulty circuit breaker. Test this with an automotive meter to check for continuity. The circuit breaker should be in the closed position when removed and replaced if open.

Debris or binding in the seat track can cause the circuit breaker to overheat and open the circuit. If the circuit opens after replacing the breaker, it is likely that debris or a spill is causing the power seat motor to overheat. Inspect the seat track and clean it if necessary to fix the problem.

Lastly, a power seat that works in some directions and not others may indicate a faulty control switch. Use a wiring diagram to identify which function each terminal performs. The faulty control switch needs to be replaced to fix the problem.