What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Car's Automatic Power Windows?


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Some tips for repairing a automatic car windows include purchasing the correct replacement part, lubricating the window rails and checking the fuses and switches. There are several parts that work together in unison to make an automatic window work, so each component should be checked before being replaced.

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The main components of an automatic window are the switch, motor, regulator, fuse and relay. If any of the primary components fail, the window will not work. Use a test light to check the resistance on a window switch and see if it does have power. The same test can also be performed on the fuse and relay.

The regulators are the mechanisms the windows use to lower. They contain single or multiple tracks, which either slide up or down. If a regulator gets damaged, the window will not move up nor down.

Typically, window motors will gradually fail. Instead of abruptly stopping, the motors will decrease in speed. However, to be sure of whether or not the motor has failed, use a multimeter and check the amount of voltage that flows through it. If the multimeter reads approximately 12 volts of power flowing through the motor, but the window still does not move up and down, then it is defective and will require replacement.

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