What Are Some Tips for Repairing a Car Door Lock?


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To repair a car door lock, put a new battery into the auto key lock, and make sure that other locks work. If they don't, replace the fuse. Press the key on the auto lock, and lift the door up and down. The door mechanism is frozen if you hear that the lock tries to move. In addition, slowly open and close the door while pressing the button. If the lock works, repair a broken wire associated with the lock.

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If the door mechanism is frozen, the previous steps didn't help or you don't feel confident conducting those repairs by yourself, contact a professional to fix the lock. If for some reason you can't seek professional help, replace the lock by yourself.

To replace the car door lock, acquire a pair of gloves, a socket wrench and a tool to remove the panel. After that, take off the door covers and screw heads. Be careful during the removal, as you may break the covers.

Remove the plastic panel around the lock, and detach the lock from the electrical system of the car by taking out a plastic connection device. Remove the rod that is located to the left of the latch in a hole, and remove the latch. Set the new car lock into place, connect it by attaching the rods back, and put the system back together in the reverse order.

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