What Are Some Tips for Removing the Dashboard on a Ford?


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To remove a dashboard on a Ford vehicle properly, start by identifying which trim panel you need to remove first. A good place to start is the bezel around the stereo and climate controls. Slip one or two fingers into the air vent or under any lip, and pull the bezel away from the dash gently. Be careful not to pull the bezel back too abruptly because it could end up destroying the clips that hold the trim in place.

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Insert one or two fingers under the loosened portion of the bezel, then move toward the area where the trim clips still grip the trim, and start pulling the rest of it in the same manner. Make sure to look behind the trim frequently as certain Ford models have fasteners that need to be removed with a socket, screwdriver or some other type of wrench.

Once the bezel is completely removed, set it aside, and move on to the next piece of the dashboard, following the same process as above until all the necessary panels are removed.

To reinstall the trims, simply push them back into place until the clips snap to signal that they have locked onto the trim. Gentle pounding with the side of the fist usually provides enough force to push the trims into the clips. Don't forget to re-tighten the fasteners if there are any.

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