What Are Some Tips for Removing the Dash of a Dodge Ram?


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Some tips for removing the dashboard of a Dodge Ram include gently pulling out the trim pieces instead of using a screwdriver, removing the trim panels gently to prevent any damage, removing the screws to detach the console, and undoing the clips to take out the boot cover. Remove the screws and clips to detach the bezel panel.

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Many of the trim pieces on the dashboard of a Dodge Ram, such as the vertical piece beneath the bezel panel, the rubber liner lining the cup holder's circumference, and the plastic tray toward the driver's side, are not held in place using screws. To remove these, just apply gentle pressure in a direction away from the dashboard.

To remove the console, identify the three screws that secure it to the floor, and unscrew them using a screwdriver. To detach the console, pull it out gently.

To undo the clips of the boot cover in a Dodge Ram with standard transmission, push the bottom of the cover towards the front, and pull the cover out. This loosens the clips and detaches the boot cover.

To remove the bezel panel, identify the two screws present beneath it, and undo them using a Phillips screwdriver. To undo the panel's clips, bring the vents to a side, hold the panel at its perimeter, and give a gentle pull. This makes the dashboard's interiors accessible.

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