What Are Some Tips for Recharging a Dead Car Battery?

Clean the battery terminals, use a trickle charger, open the battery caps and test the battery after charging are some tips for recharging a dead car battery. Some procedures may vary depending on the brand and style of battery that is in the vehicle.

The battery terminals should be wiped with sand paper, emery cloth or a soft cloth with baking soda on it to remove any corrosion. It the terminals have a white powdery substance, it is sulfuric acid and must not be touched with bare hands.

Batteries typically charge better and hold the charge longer when recharged slowly by a trickle charger as opposed to a fast charge. Many batteries have cell caps, which should be removed during charging to allow gases that build up to escape.

A hydrometer should be used to check the electric current in the battery fluid after charging to verify that the battery is taking charge properly.