What Are Some Tips for Rear Vehicle Window Installation?

What Are Some Tips for Rear Vehicle Window Installation?

Tips for rear vehicle window installation include collecting the necessary tools and materials, preparing the car for installation, removing the old rear window and preparing the new window. Finally, install the new window and the rear window wiper.

Ensure that the necessary tools and materials, such as a flathead screwdriver, sealant, masking tape, pieces of cloth and a small utility knife, are on the site. Other materials are a cleaning agent, new rubber gasket, long nylon cord, vaseline and a glass cleaner. Lift the rear window wiper, and unscrew it using a flat head screwdriver. Cover the seats using a cloth and seal any vents and speakers with masking tape.

To remove the old window, cut the rubber gasket gently using a sharp knife. Avoid damaging the window. Apply considerable pressure to the window to push it out. Have another person to hold the window from outside to prevent it from crashing on the floor.

Clean the new window with a piece of cloth and a strong cleaning agent. Apply sealant along the lower edge of the new rubber gasket and run a long nylon cord through the groove around the gasket. Leave at least a foot of the cord on either end and apply vaseline to prevent the cord from sliding out.

Position the new window smoothly into the rear frame while ensuring the loose ends of the cord remain outside. Begin sealing the rubber by pulling one end of the nylon cord gently and have another person pressing the rubber to avoid it from slipping away. Re-install the rear wiper, clean any vaseline or sealant residues and broken glass from the vehicle.