What Are Some Tips for Reading Hydraulic System Schematics?


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Tips for reading a hydraulic systems schematic are to learn the different hydraulic symbols correlating with parts and the different components of hydraulic circuit diagrams. Knowledge of these basic principles will help you to understand a wider variety of symbols, which will enable the understanding of a complete hydraulic systems schematic, according to Hydra Products.

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The symbol for a hydraulic pump is most commonly represented as a circle with a triangle inside it pointing towards the top. The hydraulic pump is an essential part of every hydraulic system because it produces flow throughout the entire system and pumps oil from the hydraulic reservoir into the system. Modifications to this symbol represent variable displacements and the types of control circuits show how the output is varied.

The symbol for the filter is a diamond shape with a dotted line across the center. The filters clean the oils that enter the system to ensure that they do not clog the various places they are used within the system. These symbols are found in various places throughout the system as they protect the various valves and pumps within. Different types of filters may have symbols that have slight modifications to describe their capabilities.

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