What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Used Toyota Corolla?


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When buying a used Toyota Corolla, make sure that the car does not have any performance issues. Toyota Corolla owners report experiencing problems with faulty water pumps, starting in cold weather and steering. Inquire with the current owner if those problems have been addressed, or inspect the car itself to ensure proper functionality. If the current owner allows it, take the car for a test drive before purchasing it.

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According to AutoGuide.com, one of the most common problems that owners have with early 10th generation Toyota Corollas is premature water pump failures. Later models come with a redesigned water pump that should be retrofitted to 2009-2010 Corollas as well.

Another problem owners have with 2009 to 2013 model Corollas is difficulty in starting their car during cold weather. Owners reported grinding, rattles and squeaks whenever they try to start their Corolla in cold weather. Toyota was reported to have fixed the issue. However, some owners still experience the problem.

In AutoGuide.com's evaluation of the 10th generation Corolla, it noted the steering on the cars felt loose and imprecise at highway speeds. It depends on the driver's preference, so a test drive helps you determine if you are comfortable with the steering of the Corolla you are planning to buy.

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