What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Used Suzuki 4x4?


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Buyers of used Suzukis should check out the vehicle's history before buying it as 4x4s are often driven hard over difficult terrain. It's a good idea to ask a mechanic to inspect the vehicle before buying it.

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Buyers should also inspect the Suzuki carefully and take it for a test drive. Although many 4x4s have minor dents and scratches, buyers should look for any significant damage or evidence of repairs. They should consider the condition of the tires as well. Tires can be replaced easily, but the buyer may be able to use old tires as a bargaining point. Uneven wear on tires can also be a sign of more serious mechanical problems.

Buyers should also be wary about very cheap Suzukis or deals that seem to good to be true. These may be signs that the seller is hiding a more serious condition. Buyers should also be realistic about their own mechanical skills and what kind of work they are willing to put in to the vehicle. A buyer looking to buy an old Suzuki 4x4 to fix up and customize has very different needs than one who needs a commuter vehicle that she can also take on the trail.

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