What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Used Semi-Truck Trailers?


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When purchasing a used semi truck trailer, first determine what type you need, then search for the best value based on price, brand and condition. Used semi trailers are sold at penskeusedtrucks.com and truckertotrucker.com.

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There are several types of semi truck trailers, each appropriate for different types of cargo. They are usually sold in widths of 8 feet or 8 feet 6 inches. The most common type of trailer, the van trailer, ranges from 28 feet to 57 feet long, and is either refrigerated or non-refrigerated. Other types of semi trailers include car carriers, flat beds, dump truck cargo containers and tankers. Tankers that haul gasoline or other flammables are called tank chassis trailers.

Semi trailers differ from full trailers because they can be coupled or decoupled to a tractor unit. They are fitted with two types of couplings: fifth wheel and automatic. Automatic couplings are rare, and are typically used for payloads of 12 tons or less. In some cases, when trailers are bolted to the tractor unit, there is no coupling. When a semi trailer is coupled to a road tractor, it is called a semi-trailer truck or "semi" in colloquial usage. Semi trucks are the dominant type of road hauling vehicle because they are more maneuverable and accommodate larger and heavier cargo.

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