What Are Some Tips to Purchasing Used Chevy S10 4X4s?

What Are Some Tips to Purchasing Used Chevy S10 4X4s?

Some tips for purchasing a Chevrolet S10 4x4 truck include checking the signs of interior, exterior and mechanical wear. Since 4x4 vehicles have more moving components, they are prone to heavier instances of wear and, if allowed, the entirety of the vehicle should be closely inspected.

The vehicle may or may not look as good as it runs. Due to what 4x4 trucks are meant for, many enthusiasts use them for off-road events. This can often lead to the body panels having some small dents or scratches. However, the truck should still be inspected, because there are instances where the powertrain components are still in excellent condition. Use the following tips to purchase a 4x4 Chevy truck.

  • Look for rust
  • Small imperfections may still be okay; however, rust is not. Rust causes the metal to fall away and requires the affected piece to be cut in order to be replaced.

  • Look for traces of water
  • If there is rust present, there may have been an issue with water. Check the interior of the truck for any water damage or mold smell.

  • Park the truck on a flat surface
  • Park the truck on a flat surface and check for leaks. Coolant leaks indicate a heating problem and oil leaks means their are lubrication issues.

  • Inspect for cracks
  • If the chassis has any cracks, the entire vehicle is compromised and should be immediately discarded.

  • Check the shocks
  • Drive the truck over speed bumps and check how the shocks compress. If the chassis drops too quickly, the suspension is likely worn out.

  • Check the tires
  • If the tires are not evenly worn, there is a suspension issue that will require repair.