What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Used Cars From Casa Ford?

What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Used Cars From Casa Ford?

Tips for purchasing a used car from Casa Ford include browsing the dealership's inventory of used cars online, researching car history and determining the car's value. By obtaining this information beforehand, the customer can negotiate more effectively.

To view used cars from the CasaFord.com home page, the customer should place the cursor over Inventory and click on Pre-Owned on the drop-down menu that appears. Sorting options for the results include body style, price, year, make and model, and mileage. Options to refine the search include setting a price or year range.

Once the customer has determined which car he's interested in, he should use the VIN to get a vehicle history report. He should then use an appraisal tool to determine the car's value.

After he has this information, the customer should either call Casa Ford to set up a test drive or use the test drive link on the car's page. During the test drive, the customer can evaluate the car's condition. He should schedule the test drive during the day time, so he can see the car in natural lighting. If he still wants the car, he should have a mechanic inspect it.

When negotiating, the customer should start with a low but reasonable offer based on his car value research. He should already know his limit. If he reaches that limit without a deal, he should be prepared to walk away.