What Are Some Tips for Purchasing a Used Car Carrier Trailer?


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When purchasing a car-carrier trailer, either for business or for personal purposes, there are functional, aesthetic and paperwork considerations to consider. These include trailer styles, fit and finish, trailer axles, trailer brakes and documents.

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Functional considerations when buying a used car-carrier trailer include mechanical and electrical aspects, such as trailer axles, brakes, frame, tongue length, wiring and taillights. Other functional considerations include determining which type of trailer is the best fit. Trailers come in open, enclosed, single and multiple styles. An open trailer is the most basic and the most fuel efficient, and it is useful for transporting other items such as furniture as well. An enclosed trailer is a good choice for transporting luxury and vintage cars or extra equipment, such as tools. Axles are also an important consideration. A single-axle trailer is adequate for most cars, but a tandem-axle trailer is more stable on the road, handles heavier vehicles and typically has its own brakes.

Aesthetic tips when purchasing a used trailer include checking for obvious defects in fit and finish, such as uneven trim, cracked caulking or obvious damage to exterior. Paperwork considerations include ensuring the accuracy of documents, such as the bill of sale, statement of origin and title.

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