What Are Some Tips on Purchasing a Good Used Fifth-Wheel Trailer?


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Some tips on purchasing a good used fifth-wheel trailer include inspecting components such as the frame, tires, wheels and axles, in addition to examining the interior structure, checking the interior appliances and accessories, and inspecting the refrigerator. A good tip when purchasing a used fifth-wheel trailer is to avoid trailers with broken refrigerators, which often cost thousands of dollars to repair and more to replace.

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A good tip for inspecting the interior of a used fifth-wheel trailer before purchase is to check the structures of the ceiling, floor and entry door. It is a good idea to examine these areas for water stains, leaks, soft spots and functionality. When inspecting the exterior, it is important to check for peeling or separation of the fiberglass walls, loose aluminum siding panels and damaged windows, which are generally costly to repair.

A good tip when buying a used trailer is to check the frame, including the underside of the frame, for broken welds, cracks and impact damage. If the tires on a fifth-wheel trailer are more than five years old, it is necessary to replace them, which adds to the overall cost of the purchase.

In order to determine functionality, it is necessary to test the electric brake system before purchase. A good tip is to always plan to have a mechanic inspect and repack the wheel bearings upon ownership.

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