What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Ford Mustangs on EBay?

What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Ford Mustangs on EBay?

Tips for purchasing a Ford Mustang on eBay include choosing the right auction, looking into the seller, comparing prices and considering additional expenses when budgeting. A Mustang is purchased from eBay every 43 minutes on average, according to Edmunds, making the purchasing process even more critical.

Begin by picking the right auction. Look for auctions with no reserve, meaning that there is no minimum bid for the car. Consider watching the item and the auction activity before beginning to bid. Auctions that allow a buyer to change his mind after seeing the car ensure the buyer doesn't get stuck with a lemon after sending money to the seller.

Check into the seller before making a bid. Look at the feedback posted by other purchasers to ensure the seller is legitimate, honest and straightforward. Contact the seller with questions or to request more details or photographs of the Mustang. Get as much information as possible before bidding on the car.

Compare prices to avoid getting ripped off. Look on other sites for prices of comparable cars, or check Edmunds.com for its value estimation. If available, check with a local car dealer for another price comparison.

Factor in additional expenses when budgeting for the Mustang. Travel to pick up the car, including food, gas and hotels, or shipping costs increase the overall cost of buying a car from eBay. Purchasing a Carfax report adds to the final total as well.