What Are Some Tips on Purchasing a Food Truck?


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If purchasing a new truck, do not compromise on the build or specifications, as the truck is not only the primary unit within which your product is created but also the chief interface with your customers. Make sure the interior of the vehicle has ample space and sponsors efficient movement and flow between work stations, especially if food is made to order. This can produce shorter wait times, higher sales and better customer service.

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Food trucks, new and used, fall within a truly diverse price range, with the most expensive running as much as $125,000 and the cheapest around $25,000 as of 2015. If searching for a used food truck, consider many of the same issues that apply to any used vehicle purchase, such as low mileage, wear and maintenance. If new to the community, consult other food truck vendors in the area, and browse the inventories of any local companies selling used box trucks.

For maximum sales and efficiency, consider a model that has a sales window on each side of the truck. Regarding fuel options, diesel fuel may be cheaper and thus limit gas expenses, but it also burns with a sometimes unpleasant odor, adding an undesirable element to a food sales environment. Establish if it is possible to take an extended test drive, and gauge your comfort handling the vehicle in tight locations, such as urban streets and neighborhoods.

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