What Are Some Tips for Properly Detailing an Automobile?


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Some tips for detailing an automobile include cleaning the car inside and out with an air compressor and duct cleaner, using cleaners that don’t contain acid and paying close attention to the little nooks and crannies. Compressed air is a great option combined with scrub brushes to clean the smallest areas inside the car.

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The compressed air helps to blow out the dirt from tiny areas and onto the floor, where it is then vacuumed up. The stiff brushes also help to loosen dirt from different parts of the vehicle’s upholstery.

The ducts of the vehicle should also be cleaned using compressed air. This cleans out the heating and air conditioning of the car and holds onto the clean, new car smell. When cleaning the tires, be sure to use non-acidic tire cleaners. The acid can damage wheels that have clear coatings and cause oxidation of bare alloy wheels. A simple degreaser is good for wheels and tires.

When washing the car, always hand wash it with soap and a sponge. Use a car wash solution instead of regular dishwashing detergent, which may strip the wax coating, making the car vulnerable to body damage. If the surface of the car feels rough, it needs to be cleaned further. Use a paint cleaner on the car to remove the top coating of wax, and give it a good cleaning. After this is done, wait for it to dry, and wax it again.

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