What Are Some Tips for Picking Out Auto Trim?


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To pick the car trim level that fits your preferences, compare base trim models to become familiar with their standard features, especially if you don't need many features. If you want advanced features and the latest technological additions, compare top-trim models. It's a good idea to create a must-have list and another list of optional features.

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A list of optional features may include navigation, a backup camera, automatic transmission and leather seats, among other choices. Find out the lowest prices for each prospective model that contains all features in your must-have list, and determine whether you need standalone or package options. Before choosing a vehicle to buy, make a comparison chart showing the trim levels and prices of different models. After picking the best vehicles, visit a dealership, and start test-driving them.

Vehicle manufacturers classify car models with varying features into trim levels. A single model may have different versions, including a base model, a middle-range trim level and a version offering luxurious features. Aside from trim levels, car makers allow buyers to add a single feature, or option, at an additional price. Car makers also offer options packages, which are bundles of options available at a single additional cost.

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