What Are Some Tips for Passing a G2 Driving Test?


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To increase your chances of passing the G2 driving test, practice all of the required skills, including left and right turns, lane changes, roadside stops and parallel parking. Practice driving through business and residential areas, and ensure that you are comfortable with the proper procedures for mirror checks, lane changes and spacing between cars. Accumulate as much driving time as possible on Ontario's freeways and highways; the examiner may cancel the test automatically for insufficient experience.

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Hands-on practice is the best way to pass the G2 driving test. During the three months before the test date, practice driving on roads with a speed limit of at least 80 km/hr. Document the length of each trip, and note the road name; the examiner asks for these details before the G2 test starts. Practice entering and exiting the freeway, and learn how to drive safely around curves.

Spend time learning how to stop and drive through intersections. Practice checking mirrors, checking traffic and regulating speed. Pay attention to stop lines, correct hand positions and speed. If you are driving a car with a manual transmission, do not change gears while driving through an intersection.

Legal and safe three-point turns are also crucial to passing the G2 test.

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